>Nymphing begins.

>Despite the forecast for some cold weather, we went fishing today. We hit the Big Thompson River a few miles below the dam and caught a few fish.

Pretty little rainbow trout.

I got this guy with a homemade green dubbing, copper wire, white winged nymph. Size 20. I never quite know what I am tying, I just like to make it up as I go along. I will be adding wings to a lot more nymphs. I got a couple more on a size 22-24 super pretty flashback shiny something. The tiny fly in the corner of a pretty fish’s mouth made me want to take a picture, but I couldn’t do it with my phone.

Then we went to just below the dam where Mall road crosses the river. That is always a hard spot to fish as there is a lot of pressure. With the temperatures dropping the pocket water is not providing any fish and the seams are where they are staying. I tied on a size 16 purple prince nymph and dropped it in the slow water a bit too far (I thought) from the fast water. As my dry sank, I set the hook and wondered if I would need the net. It turned out to be my best fish of the day and I nearly needed help netting him. He put up a good fight and I was happy to let him go.

Killer Brown.


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