>Boulder Marathon.

>Putting on a marathon is no easy task. A lot of people really came together to make it all possible. I worked for what feels like 4 days straight. It was the night before the race that was the most brutal. Building the finish line at 2 am so that we could put out mile markers at 4 am. I had to make sure that all of the aid stations were fully stocked by the time that the runners got there. I hate being on the course when the race begins, but it was necessary this year. I have a lot of changes that I want to implement for the Spring Half Marathon that we will put on in March. Most of the changes will make my life easier, but the runners probably won’t notice.
I drove a lot of different vehicles over the weekend. We had cargo vans, pickup trucks, 17′ trucks, and 26′ trucks. U-Haul execs must be bored. They put fun facts on the side of every big truck, but they also play the U-Haul version of “Where’s Waldo?” All the big 26′ trucks with the pictures have a hidden U-Haul guy somewhere in the picture. Here are a couple that I found.


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