>Another day on the Blue River.

>Well the fishing continues. As well as the preparation for the Boulder Marathon. We received our medals and they are great. I also saw the awards that are being created for our winners. The barriers are reserved, the flags are ready, the expo is being sorted out, and volunteers are being recruited. Now we just plan for as much as we can.

Nobody else was allowed here today.

As for the fishing, I got skunked on some awesome looking private water. These were (in my mind) going to be big, dumb, and hungry fish. I guess nobody told them to be there. Then we fished the Big Thompson and I got some, but the biggest of the day took we down stream before spitting out my fly. Yesterday, we hit the Blue in Silverthorne for some afternoon action. Multiple times I had to check my fly to see if there was a hook attached because I missed so many.

The look of concentration.

Yesterday’s best fish of the day nudged my fly with his nose the first time it passed by him. You rarely get another chance at the fish on the Blue River, but he took it the second time it drifted by. I was happy because I have been practicing tying these smallish (size 16) dries with Wulff like wings and I thought they would work well, and they did. It was a good fight and he was close enough for Moj to take pictures of him in the water. When he sensed the net nearby he took off downstream. I went sprinting after him not wanting to let him go. He somehow tied his line in a bow around a log and swam away with my kick ass new fly. I somehow contained the urge to snap my fly rod and settled on shouting expletives.  I will get a good one there one day. No more rookie mistakes!


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