>Blue Jays.


I have become an ornithologist lately. We have a nest in a tree in the backyard that started with 5 babies. There are only 3 left alive and they always want to try flying. However, they aren’t ready. So every morning I go outside and keep the dogs away. Lando wants to play with them and Topper wants to eat them. 
Today one of the adult birds dive bombed me and left me with a lump on my head as I tried to rescue the juvenile and return him to his nest. I returned to put on my helmet and shatterproof sunglasses. Feeling much safer I got the ladder and returned the bird to its nest. He immediately jumped out again. I climbed down the ladder, picked him up, parents shrieking and flying close by, and the little guy trying to jump out of my hands and commit suicide. I put him back into the nest and remained on suicide watch for another 3 minutes.
I returned a few minutes later and there were 2 juveniles on the ground. I knew the ladder was useless. We got a large trash bin with sticks and leaves and placed a towel on top. I hope the parents use it as a giant nest on the ground and the babies just hang out inside until they can fly.
One is left in the tree.

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