>My new favorite book.

>I find it very amusing that when we are out of something at the restaurant I can come up with many excuses for my tables. I lied to one table and told them that the fish was very popular so we had sold out. The table beside them, I had to keep my voice down to mention, honestly, that the fish was “not very good” and we were taking it off the menu. Of course there are many other things that I hope we are taking off the menu because the food sucks. We are undergoing big changes as our general manager and executive chef have all quit this week. Apparently the staff turnover is very high and the owner doesn’t think it’s his fault. He is the only person above these people that keep leaving. Whatever. I just wait tables. I am supposed to be at a meeting right now as they try to teach us about service.

Waiter Rant.


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