>Run Rory Run.


I have signed up for the Bolder Boulder. My 5k time from the Summer Open last week qualified me for the fastest Bolder Boulder wave I have ever been in. At first I was nervous and considered starting in a slower group. Now I am excited and look forward to trying to keep up with the people in my wave. I ran 6:27s for 3 miles after swimming and biking last week. Hopefully, I can that pace for twice the distance on fresh legs.

I also signed up for my first ever fly fishing competition. I have no idea what to expect, but just realized that I don’t have the equipment necessary that they require. I have a 9ft 5/6 weight (thanks Steve), but need a 9ft 5 weight. Here is more info about the fishing competition at the Teva Mountain Games. The idea is that you have to cast for accuracy and distance before you are allowed on the water to try and hook a fish. This weekend is the absolute mayhem of the Boulder Creek Festival. We took the dogs and felt like real Boulderites.


1 thought on “>Run Rory Run.

  1. >Hi, I work with Costa Sunglasses, the sponsor of the fly-fishing competition, and wanted to wish you luck. We'll be at the Costa Airstream if you want to say hi!Best Wishes!Laurielaurie@costadelmar.com

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