>Mustache turbulence.

>It has been forever, but I finally got some fishing in. I pulled out 3 Browns and 1 Rainbow Trout in the space of a couple blocks. I love Boulder Creek, but let people believe that there are no fish in there. Swimming has been more fun now that my mustache is pretty thick. I can constantly feel it and see it so it is probably due for a trim. But then I talked to Ben and he told me that, “the mustache acts like a trip wire for hydrodynamic flow. This causes turbulence before the water hits the eddy of your chin. This reduces drag so a mustache will actually make you faster. And you can tell anyone that you heard this straight from an engineer that knows his shit. I took some advanced fluid classes, I know my shit.”
I think that Pre’s mustache helped him. If I run the Bolder Boulder it will be because of Pre.


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