>Splish and Sudan.


I won my first Twitter contest!

Check out Splish.com so you can have cool suits like I have. My favorite is the “I must be butter… cause I’m on a roll”. It has accompanying pictures of butter and a roll. While at the pool I was talking to a woman that I was sharing a lane with. She mentioned that triathlon season is starting soon. I feel that the season is well under way. She travels for work (I didn’t ask what she does) but was recently in Sudan (non work related) to help monitor the elections. I think that Boulder people would go out and do that. It sounded a bit self righteous, but maybe she can really help the Sudanese do whatever it is that they are trying to do. Even Jimmy Carter was there making sure that democracy was spread properly. Unfortunately, it sounds like most Sudanese feel that the election was rigged and the winner was predetermined.


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