>First hike of the season.


I was thrilled to be outside.
What a view!
Coach Mark and I went for a hike starting at Moffatt Tunnel. The tunnel is an impressive 10 km long through the Rockies. It really amazes me that it was completed before 1930. We were able to bring the dogs and thoroughly wear everyone else. We made it above the tree line for lunch and hustled back before the summertime like thunderstorms rolled in.
They eat better than I do sometimes.

Then I started making food for the dogs. Turkey, rice, broccoli, and carrots in this batch. They seem to love it. Now it is cold and rainy and the runoff is making the water fast and murky. I knew the fishing would be on hold, but I love getting my tri training done outside. Looks like today will be a treadmill run. I will also be racing the Summer Open sprint triathlon in about a month. I am excited to get racing again this season. It has been wonderful having a coach. I don’t have to think about anything except doing my workouts. Now it’s time to run and swim!


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