>What a day.


Looks like this is turning into a fishing blog. I woke up exhausted this morning. I moped around not wanting to do anything. I was going to go for a run, but took a nap instead. Poor me with too much time on my hands. I finally decided to leave the house, but only to go fishing. The grocery list can wait. As can the exercising. I headed up Boulder Canyon to see what it was like. I have never fished up very far as it looks pretty steep and too fast for the fish. The few good areas were all taken by people fishing. I thought that it being pretty cold (50 degrees), cloudy, and a Friday afternoon, people would have better things to do. I finally found a place that looked decent and pulled over. The water was fast, but I spotted a couple of small fish and pulled one out. That really made me happy. It is exhilarating fishing a new area and landing a fish. I tied on new leader and tippet, so all my knots held (ok it was a 7 inch fish). The hole was small and I spooked the rest when I caught the first, so I moved on up the canyon. I was close to Nederland and it was getting colder. The creek flattened out and I had to keep the dogs from running upstream while trying to spot the easily spooked fish. I was staying back and peering to where I thought that they should be. Finally I saw one and made a couple of casts to him. He went for it, but I missed it. I thought that he moved up a bit so I snuck up and made another cast. Wham! A fish came out of nowhere and hammered my fly. I was startled long enough to wait until she ate it before setting the hook. When I landed her, I was surprised how big she was!
So it turned out to be a good trip. Then I mustered the courage to go and get my run done. I ran to the track to throw down some 400s, but it was full of kids. (I was at their high school.) I ran around for a bit until they were all gone and got my track splits faster than I thought I could. That also felt good. Then we ate a lot and I finished today’s swim session. I feel so accomplished for a day that started off very slowly.
A couple of days ago we hit up the Big Thompson for some fishing. It was our first time there, but we landed a few fish. Mojdeh got her first Brown Trout as well as her first fish on a fly that she tied herself. I also have been teaching Lando about fishing.
Today, I also won my first Twitter contest. Thanks to Splish for hooking me up! They asked for someone to take a picture of themselves in their Splish suit at a historical national monument. Apparently Chautauqua Park is one so I threw on a Splish suit and drove there, Moj took a pic, and I sent it to them. Now I can expect a prize in the mail! Time to put the dogs to bed.

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