>Sitting, playing, and shooting.

>While working at a kid and baby expo, I met some trainers from Sit Means Sit dog training. They recently came over to our house for a free demonstration. A couple of days later we signed up. The first day of training we learned four commands. Come, off, quiet, and go play. “Go play” means that they can do what they want. The whole lesson lated just over an hour and was more teaching us than the dogs. It has only been a couple of days, but I feel like we are all much happier. I am no longer worried about either dog running off while not on a leash. Lando doesn’t sleep on the couch whenever he chooses. This is good because Ben and Courtenay might be here soon and I wasn’t sure where they would sleep with Lando owning the futon.

So next week the trainer comes again. Our trainer likes to fly fish and ride bikes. I think that he is a good match for us. He has group lessons at the park, but for now he comes to our house whenever we want a dog training session. His dogs are very impressive. Walking backwards, barking on command, staying on the grass, not getting distracted by other dogs, and millions of other tricks are all in his repertoire. I had the camera, but was too enthralled and focused to remember that I could use it.

Today I was at the Tanner Gun Show. Yee-haw. It was busier than I thought that it would be. There was a lot of camouflage, flannel, and Carhartts. In fact I saw a coupla’ dozen fellers that I thought was Larry the Cable Guy. Maybe he will be there tomorrow. I did get a nice camo hat for myself. I didn’t see who was selling the anti-Obama t-shirts, but apparently nobody at a gun show likes our Commander in Chief.


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