>The pack is growing.


The pack of dogs is growing and I am more determined than ever to be a good pack leader. If this doesn’t make sense, you can check out one of my heroes, Cesar Millan. Of course you can just watch this South Park episode about him as well. The small white dog shaped animal is Mojdeh’s Westie, Topper.

I come up with creative ways to walk the dogs. Holding them both seems too easy and when they try to run in different directions, this method is much more fun for me.

Today, we went snowboarding at Keystone. It was a Saturday. That is something that I wish to never repeat again. And the snow hasn’t been very good. I am so spoiled. After a few runs, we took the dogs for a walk near Frisco. Beside the awesome bike path (that people cross country ski on now) was an igloo. I have never been to Alaska, but I imagine that this is what they all live in. It was made os snow that had been cut into blocks. I mean the thing was legit.

 We even brought the dogs inside, but they didn’t seem to be very impressed. In fact, I think Lando was miserable because he caught a cold at the kennel when we went to New York.

 The Alaskan igloo.
 Living the dream, one day at a time.
I think that Topper might be gay. He holds up his paw and it looks like a limp wrist. Now I know that having a limp wrist doesn’t automatically make you homosexual, but stereotypes come from somewhere!

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