>1,000 words.


Today while snowboarding, we shared a gondola with these people. Now, I have learned from Loren that my blog would be much more exciting if I were constantly secretly taking pictures of people different from myself. This first thing that caught my attention as we were standing in line was this guy’s jeans. The beanie with the baseball cap on top was a nice touch as well. I assumed that he was from Texas since all “those” people wear jeans and Starter jackets when they come to Colorado. Turns out they were form Louisiana. The nice girl beside him was dating/married to the guy sitting beside me (not in the picture). Can you see “HATE” tattooed on her knuckles? Remind me not to go to Louisiana. Her boyfriend beside me looked to be about 18. We were discussing skiing and things and I asked if he had been to Arapahoe Basin for the 4th of July. He mentioned that he was in Iraq last year. So he must be 19. “HATE” girl and him are thinking about coming out this year, but they need to find someone to watch their kids. I wonder if the guy in jeans is one of their offspring?

I will not be returning to Keystone any time soon.

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