>Boats and cakes.

>It seems like it has been a busy week. I worked at The Denver Boat Show. Wakeboarding boats over $100,000! What recession? These people aren’t donating that much to Haiti. But neither am I. I am closer to the food vs. rent dilemma. Luckily for me, even the YMCA has financial assistance. Speaking of which, I finally feel like I am learning how to swim again. I put in over 2k in the pool this afternoon. My legs are beat up from running, testing my new cycling kit (thanks Rudy Project!) on the trainer and then playing indoor soccer yesterday. It feels good.

I was having a discussion about negative people today and mentioned that I love my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why bother?
I made a cheesecake yesterday. I will try it tomorrow. I had too much batter and made little cheesecake bites in my muffin pan. This is so much better than living in a van. I even made the sour cream topping myself. This KitchenAid mixer is going to help negate my training.


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