>Not the greatest day.

>Man I knew this would happen. I have been meaning to send in my broken fly rod, but at the Fly Fishing Show last weekend, Moj worked and let me do a bit of shopping. I got a new 3 weight rod with an Orvis reel, a fanny pack, and some flies from The Allen Brothers.

I drove to South Boulder creek tailwater this morning. I was not sure if I should fish at all or do important normal life things (work, laundry, etc.). Decided that the weather was too nice and I should probably just get a couple hours on the water. I mean I haven’t caught a fish the last two times I went out. I need a fix. So my alcoholic neighbor is sauntering home from the supermarket, and maybe the liquor store at about 9 this morning and I told him I was going fishing. He wanted to join me so we drove the 45 minutes together to the river. We get there and there are no cars in the lot. Score. Lando is bounding down the trail as happy as can be and it is colder than it is supposed to be. The creek has snow and ice on both sides and the hole where I pulled a 13 inch rainbow out of last week is empty and barely moving. There is ice everywhere so we decide to call it a day. Maybe we can hit Eben G. Fine back in town. On the way out while going over the windy dirt road I get a flat tire. Cranking the jack up, I drag my knuckles on the ground. Dirty, cold, and now bleeding we finally fix the tire and limp home. I drop off my neighbor, eat lunch, and take Lando to Discount Tire. Not my first choice due to online reviews, but apparently the only place that stocks the model of tire snow tire that I currently have. We wait around for an hour while they charge me a hundred bucks for a new tire that will supposedly ruin my drivetrain unless I buy four new ones. I will take the risk as the other three are pretty much new. When that is finished, I take Lando to the Humane Society to get four shots. He wasn’t too thrilled. At least by the time I got home, I was able to do some laundry…
The weather was nice, I got outside, and things can always be worse.


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