>I thought that our apartment was small until I saw this. Our apartment is great. Except that 7 Kuwaitis live upstairs and across the hall. They don’t scare me, but someone is bound to call the NSA when they notice all 7 guys pouring out of the apartment late one night like I did. Then we will all be raided and I live with a black dog and a Iranian girl. I know that these guys are Kuwaiti because their wireless network is “the real kuwaiti”. Unless the DUI dwarf that lives downstairs has a great sense of humor. The people above like to move furniture and run in circles. I think that is what they do. I can’t imagine what else makes so much noise. When they bounce balls I have to pound on the ceiling to remind them that they are not outside. But then again, it has been so cold outside that Lando and I occasionally play fetch inside, so I am not perfect either. I have also been spending time on the bike trainer and I doubt that is quiet. I finally saw the guy that lives underneath us for the first time in 6 weeks. It was about 12:30 at night and he was walking his dog. He was very friendly, looked to be about my age and was missing teeth. I hope that meth wasn’t the reason for the missing teeth. Maybe he is a cage fighter.
This time last year, we were adventuring around New Zealand.


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