For Thanksgiving, besides being a little cynical, I was also very happy. Our neighbor is a saucier as well as a drinker. I made the mashed potatoes, he made the turkey, carrots, and of course the gravy. It was delicious and we were all very happy. Days now seem to consist of me leaving messages at the large resorts like Vail, Beaver Creek, Winter Park, Steamboat, etc. and hoping that they call me back. Then I email and hope to hear back from them as well. I am just trying to sell some stuff in the snow. Apparently, it is a bigger deal than I thought. While I am waiting I am telling people the advantage of sponsoring our team. I am telling many many people and waiting for a few of them to see what a great opportunity this is! 
Other than that, the days are filled with picking up dog poop and staying outside with Lando as much as possible.

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