Well the car still isn’t working, but we have bikes and Boulder’s public transportation is fantastic. Maybe tomorrow it will be fixed. Our apartment is great and allows pets. I have been home a lot and thinking that I should get a dog. We went to the humane society… just to look. We looked and there was cute lab/retriever puppy that was on hold. The people never showed up that were supposed to take him today. So I put my name on the waiting list. I hope that I get a phone call tomorrow.

One of the ladies that lives down stairs (a little person) has two big dogs that are about as tall as she is. One chases a laser pointer and chews on trees. I thought it was funny and was asking her about her dogs. She quickly replied with “I like to take them to the dog park, but I got a DUI and can’t drive anymore.” I tried to keep the awkward silence to a minimum and luckily my neighbor came out to say hello. Maybe I should mention that my alcoholic neighbor likes to come over earlier Sunday mornings to explain that he has been drinking manmosas. That would be a mimosa with a shot of vodka in it. He works at a restaurant and is proud that he doesn’t do drugs. So am I. Our neighbor cooks in a restaurant that we like and has promised to cook for us one night. As long as we bring some wine.

Driving is not the only option in Boulder.
So that is the most exciting news that I have. I am shredding tires on my trainer. We have a tv, but no stand to put it on. I will start working soon. I am excited for winter. And puppies!
Staying busy!

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