>Car trouble.

>Friday night we went crazy and met Ed for some movies at the Boulder Film Festival. We saw Gum for my Boat and Tibet: Murder in the Snow. I liked the first one more (which is why it gets the link) and made me realize how much I love traveling. On the way there the car died. I have been borrowing Mom’s car until she can drive again or we get our own. That would require the Craigslist people to respond. So we got a jump and made it a bit further. It died again so we got another jump start. The third jump got us to a parking spot where we could leave it overnight. I had to move it before 9 Saturday morning so I wouldn’t get ticketed or have to pay for parking. I called a friend of my moms to help me figure out what is wrong. I am not mechanically inclined. I would have AAA tow it to a mechanic. But that isn’t how my mother works. Her friend showed up with a tow rope. Great. I make fun of people in a car that are being towed with another car using a rope. Now I was the guy in the second car. The rope seemed very short and I was scared of rear ending my tower. Or hitting something. Or the rope breaking. Or the rope coming off my car. Or anything else!

It was kinda like this.

Eventually we made is to another friend of my mother’s house. We parked the car and hoped that it wouldn’t start snowing yet. We took out (I watched) the battery and took it somewhere to get charged. Apparently, we couldn’t find out the real problem until the battery worked. Maybe the battery was the problem. We dropped it off and they told us to come back in two hours. I went home and worked on team stuff. A couple of hours later we went back to the mechanics to pick up the battery. Apparently, they didn’t do it correctly and it would be a couple more hours.
So I am still tagging along with my mom’s friend. He took me to a radio station, KGNU, where we hung out. A couple hours later (after wandering in and out of studios) we returned and picked up the battery. Now it is 2 in the afternoon. This all started about 8 in the morning. The battery is charged. Now it has begun snowing. We take it to the car and the car starts. However, when we turn on the lights, the power gets low. The windshield wipers might kill it again. So we leave the car and go to buy a fusible link. Apparently, this car has had this problem in the past. We buy a couple fusible links and return to the car. Despite only being 4 in the afternoon it is dark, snowing, and feels to be about 20 degrees. We decide that it is not a good time to work on the car. (I didn’t want to stand in the snow and watch.) It has been snowing all weekend. I have two new fusible links sitting here beside me. Maybe someone will put them in the car tomorrow. Then they can follow me to see if the car still dies when it is being driven.


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