>Is it "blog worthy"?


Being the first day that I have no job, I wasn’t sure what to do. There is always time to help out Mom. And there is always lots of work to do for the team. Ben kicked ass this weekend in Mexico and it looked like a fun race. I went for my 2nd run of the week trying to keep up with my offseason training. I am supposed to ride my bike 4 times a week, but I am a wuss when it is cold out side. I hate being cold

especially out riding my bike and I am a couple hours from home. So the plan is o ride on trainers. But I don’t have a trainer yet. Craig said that he would drop them off yesterday or today, but he hasn’t. Now he has rescheduled for Friday. It looks like I will be riding outside tomorrow. I need to get out anyway because it is supposed to snow this weekend. Maybe that will actually force me to pay for a membership to the rec. center.

From right beside the library. Downtown Boulder.

The car search continues. The occasional fishing is always happening. I am starting to think that I should only write blogs when something exciting happens in my life. But I think that everything is exciting. I mean I love living in Boulder. It feels like cars come second to pedestrians and cyclists here. I can run for an hour and use the paths, tunnels, and trails only having to run across one road. The library is fantastic. And free. Despite the body odor smell from some of the homeless people that hang out in there, the place is amazing. There are great restaurants, coffee shops, climbing gyms, or anything else within bike riding or bus taking distance. I could be in school making Roomba PacMan with these guys:


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