>This blog is usually about all the cool things that I do. I am still not sure why I keep writing things here. Maybe it is for my own records in the future. Maybe it is so my friends far away know what I am going through. I like reading other people’s blogs so that I don’t have to call them to see what they are doing. It feels like Facebook for adults. The egocentric part of me checks my Google Analytics to see if people actually read this.
This week has been pretty crazy. A couple of days fishing Cheesman Canyon with Ed resulted in  two huge rainbows for me. (But only one picture.) I rode my bike a couple of days and realized that I like riding my bike more than I thought. My mother went into the hospital with severe cramps and ended up having a hysterectomy and colostomy. She was released yesterday and things seem to be going well for the recovery.
In two days I will be finished with my contract with Endurance Sports Marketing. Then I can go out and find another job. I am really looking forward to next year. Actually I am really looking forward to today. Moj will be studying so I will have a Sunday to mess around. That is not unlike every other day. Yesterday, we looked at a car in Denver that we found form Craigslist. Piece of crap. It was good to see it because it seemed too good to be true. That search will continue.
The off season training plan is to swim twice a week, run twice a week, and ride my bike four times a week. The bike is my weakest so I want to spend more time in the saddle. Hopefully I will have a couple of trainers for the snowy days. I also need to get a membership somewhere with a pool.
Until next time my friends, life is good.


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