>Getting Chees’d.


I woke up early this morning very excited. My friend Ed was taking me fly fishing. We were headed to Cheesman Canyon. I love fishing new spots and especially places with the potential for big fish. Certain areas are designated as “gold medal” waters. This means that the water quality is high and the size of the fish is generally large! We fished my first “gold medal” water today. It was a couple of hours of driving from Boulder, but well worth it. There were lots of fish. they were eating. They just weren’t eating what we put in front of them. It could be frustrating at times. It was fun to see so many big fish. They were spooked easily which made the fishing tough. I got lucky with one.
My fish o’ the day.

I am not sure how big it is, but it rivals some of my New Zealand Trout. Is it a Brown or a Rainbow? I couldn’t quite tell. Does it hit the elusive 20″ mark? I am not sure. I didn’t take a picture of it in my net that could have told me how big it is. I was very happy to land it. It took a lot of patience. I didn’t try any of my own flies because the fishing was hard enough with flies that I thought would work.

Ed in the Narrows with Zipper looking on.

After the awesome day of fishing, I headed home and got some interesting news. I apparently am finished with my last job. I won’t be going to Las Vegas to work and race SilverMan this week. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the rest of my life!


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