>Back at it.

>It is still snowing. I feel a bit like a housewife with nothing to do all day. I hate being cooped up inside, so I went shopping. I got myself a table specifically for tying flies. I tied a few more of my homemade variety and then got fed up of sitting around watching the snow fall. I thought it would be a lot more fun to watch the snowfall from outside. I packed my fishing stuff and jumped on the bus towards town. Having Boulder Creek run through the middle of Boulder is one of the nicest aspects of this town. It makes running, cycling, or fishing in Boulder more enjoyable. There were a few homeless people under the bridges doing whatever it is that they do, but I put on my waders, boots, and vest and started on my adventure. I tried a dry fly that I thought would work before trying one that I made. Mine didn’t have any success and when the weather is better (next week) and I can see the fish I will be more excited to use my own flies.

It snowed the whole time that I was out there. As the afternoon wore on it seemed to get colder. Ice formed on my line and on the guides (holes where the line passes through). I had to break the ice to be able to cast from time to time. I had a couple of hits but either I was too slow to set the hook or the fish spit it out. I wasn’t having much luck except with catching a few “tree fish”. I didn’t lose any flies and just before I left I landed a little Brown Trout.
My fish of the day.
I was surprised how warm I was. My left hand got a bit cold from handling the line and putting my hand in the water to pick up the fish felt like needles, but the rest of me was quite warm. As I was on the bus home (I wore my waders and boot on the bus) I saw the temp was 25! Tomorrow has a high of 36 so it will feel like summer. I am going again. I loved it!

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