>Snow day.

>Arriving in Boulder was wonderful. It was a long drive from Flagstaff, but well worth it. Having an apartment is great.

The view yesterday.
Then it started snowing. Heavily. It is a nice change from the last 18 months. It has been a perpetual summer for a while. Now it really feels like winter. For better or worse, we live across the street from Front Range Anglers. I already went by and introduced myself. Moj got me a beginners fly tying kit this week. Oh no. Now I am in trouble. It is dumping snow and I drank way too much tea. Time to start tying flies.
The van today.

I began reading a book about fly tying. Then looking up websites, videos, anything that I could find to figure out how to tie flies. I started with a Woolly Bugger and then started making things up.

My Woolly Bugger.
After tying about 4 flies I was ready to rush out to Boulder Creek and give them a try. Sitting here warm and comfy, I was convinced that it would be fine to be out fishing in the snow. Then I looked out the window. And I sat down to tie some more.
My personal box.
I have no idea of some of the things that I tied. I plan on using them though! I don’t know if they float or not. I don’t know if I can trick the fish with them. I will try though.  The forecast is for more snow tomorrow, but  I am not sure if I can contain my excitement.

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