>Bakersfield. Don’t ever go.

>Leaving Kona, our first flight was delayed just long enough for us to miss our flight to LA. We would have made it if we weren’t checking three bikes! That being said, we didn’t get charged for bikes. The Aerus bike bags are amazing. 30 pounds with a bike, box, wheels, everything. They once asked if it was luggage and I said, “Yes”. That isn’t lying. I wasn’t going to offer information that it was a bike and I should be charged! Nguyen came and picked us up and let us sleep on his floor. What karma, just a few days ago, he came to Kona and slept on my floor. The following day, he took us to the North Shore for a surf. It reminded me that I haven’t surfed in a while. In fact, the last time that I surfed was with Nguyen on our way back from New Zealand. Eventually, I remembered what to do and had a lot of fun. From there, we overnighted to LA. Exhausted we had Denny’s and I shipped Moj off to Colorado. Don’t feel bad though she is in our awesome apartment while I am still slumming in the van. I can’t complain I have been “camping” (sleeping in the van without a shower) for the last few days. I rode bikes with Nguyen and I was feeling pretty bad about how out of shape I am in. He is a great cyclist, so it should have been no surprise that I couldn’t keep up with him.

 My view on the bike.

Back on my Triad, I have been having a great time riding in the mornings and fishing my brains out all afternoon. I am east of Bakersfield (a place that no one should ever go) north of the tiny town of Kernville. North of Kernville is the trailer park area called Johnsondale. I stayed near here in one of the many campgrounds. Every day I saw hunters walking down the road carrying rifles. I wore my red and white cycling outfit and tried not to look like a deer.

 At least they have a sense of humor!

I rode my bike to the Trail of 100 Giants. It was amazing. Giant Sequoias grow only on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada in California. I can’t describe how big these trees are.

This is one tree.

Kernville might be the meth capital of California. I have been without phone, shower, internet, power, etc. for the last week. Who cares though because I have been fishing!

My favorite of the day.

Not the biggest fish, but I am getting good enough that I catch fish every time I go out. I saw a couple of monsters, but they weren’t eating what I had. The river is high (800 cfs) but down from what it has been (2800 cfs!) and not wuite where it should be (200 cfs), This place would be amazing with half of the water in it. I couldn’t quite get to all of the fish that I wanted to. It was frustrating seeing piles of fish hiding behind rocks on the other side of the river with no way to walk or cast to them. Now, I am on my way to Tempe to work and compete in the SOMA half iron distance triathlon. Hopefully I can shower and do some laundry as well!


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