>Kirland and last WA races.


We are now in Los Angeles. The only thing nice that I have to say about it… well we are leaving in 3 days. I can’t wait to a) get out of here b) go to Hawai’i. We drove for 3 days straight to get here, have been busting our butt at work and tomorrow I get to race the LA Tri.

This is from the sprint in Kirkland a couple of weeks ago. I was laughing with my new friend Cody. He used to be stationed on O’ahu so we got to talk about Hawai’i while racing. I think that it made me faster, but he still beat me. I like talking to people while racing. Sometimes they like it too.

The following week, I ran a half marathon. Here is the only (bad) picture that they took of me. I think that every race should have plenty of photographers and a coffee truck. I don’t drink coffee, but they make a killing at every race where they show up.

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