>Leaving the PNW.


 Beautiful race mornings.

We worked at the Black Diamond race festival. 7 races, but only about 1,000 people. We arrived at 10am as the sun was warming things up. It felt like it was about 50 degrees and we were pulling on sweaters. That made me decide not to do a triathlon. Getting out of the water and riding my bike while cold and wet isn’t my idea of fun. People were putting on arm warmers or long sleeve cycling tops and my transition times are too important for that kind of nonsense. I did what I thought the logical thing would be and ran the half marathon instead. Sure, I didn’t have much training, I was on my feet for 2 days before, and it was freezing cold, but it would be good training for SOMA, right? God, after doing the race, I got acupuncture and I think that it actually helped. Maybe my mind was focusing on the needles. (I hate needles. I pass out when blood is drawn.)

But then I got in the car and drove to the border of California and Oregon today. It was about 400 miles and 8 hours. My legs are killing me. I look like I am 80 years old walking down the stairs. Proudly, My pace was 7:10s for the half marathon. It took me 1 hour and 34 minutes. With training, I can do a 1:15. I love the distance. My body is used to running 4-6 miles. At mile six my body tried to quit. There was some shuffling and my feet were not picked up very high. About mile 9, I convinced my body to work again. I passed a couple of people and wasn’t chicked (passed by a girl). That is two races in two weeks not getting chicked! These small races are awesome. Sunday afternoon, I forced myself into the Green River because it is Steelhead season. There were lots of Pink Salmon spawning, none eating, and we caught some of the world’s smallest trout.

For some reason I might miss these two.

So now we are near the California border sitting in a hotel in Oregon. I still don’t have pictures from Kirkland Triathlon, but I will post them when I get them. If I ever put on a race I feel lik e I would know what to do for the athletes. I am glad that there were no photographers at the half marathon. I went out really fast and was leading for the first 3 minutes of the race. My Skins Sox are supposed to help me, but they fell down instead. I wear size XXS. I guess not all of us are perfect. Time for the hot tub.


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