>This week,


Ben has gone to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Before he left, we sailed his boat to a dock where it can stay for the winter. The wind was blowing the strongest it has been all week, so we had a lot of fun. Check out the two pictures. The look on everyone’s face in the first pictures is great. totally not posed, we were actually a little concerned about how far over the boat was leaning. Ben knows what he is doing, but likes to push the limits and has a broken wrist. Courtenay looks scared and Moj can’t see beacuse the wind is pushing her hat in her face!
A 3 hour tour.
Bury the rails!

 We went on a 3 day camping and fishing trip into the mountains of Washington. The morning that we left, I saw a Bald Eagle scoop something out of the lake right in front of the house. It was amazing.

 This is how we prepare.

Then we got ready for our trip and took off east. The mountains are beautiful and remind me a lot of Colorado. It was cloudy and rainy in Seattle, but 75 and sunny on the other side of the mountains.

The fishing was successful.
I caught about 40 fish over the 3 days. None of them over 10 inches. Icicle Creek is magical on small orange stimulators. The Skykomish provided lots of fun as well. I tried putting larger flies on to deter the small fish, but these trout are aggressive. The prince nymphs were a hit and the royal wulff was decent as well. Anything orange was good, but stimmies killed it. I think that my new outfit helped with my luck. Before Ben left we got dressed for the day and we were both amused.
Ben and I in our respective outfits.

I recently picked up some sweet Simms Guide Boots and Simms Headwaters Stockingfoot waders. It made my trip much more comfortable as Icicle Creek is as cold as its name implies! Here is a short video of me getting a little fish and letting him go.

Then, returning to the Collins’ household, we brought a box of peaches and Ben’s mom showed us how to make peach cobbler. We showed her how to eat it.

Mojdeh pickled green beans.
I made some pesto.

It has been a great week. Now we are off to work. Maybe I can get an hour in on the trainer.


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