>We are in the strange town of Santa Cruz. It is nice camping in the mountains nearby. There are lots of redwoods and small streams. It would be peaceful if the 7 kids in the site next to us weren’t constantly playing “war”. All I hear is “Private, the Koreans are bad!” Or, “How many Vietnamese have you captured?” Someone is teaching these 10 year old kids their history. Interestingly enough, some of the kids were speaking German with their parents.

My morning view.

I thought that there would be one fancy area somewhere, but they have managed to suppress that here. We did get to see Katchafire which made us happy.

Before the show, we got to hang out and talk with the band for a minute. We hit the Monterey Bay Aquarium today with my Dad.

The jellyfish exhibit is awesome.

He is driving up the California coast by himself and happened to be here at the same time we are. This weekend, we both get to race. I have planned on looking good, no matter how the race goes!


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