>Be lucky for what you have.

>We went down to Newport Beach. It was fun. There were a lot of people that took their race very seriously. The swim was cancelled due to high surf. We went and saw The Wedge breaking at around 15 feet. It was very impressive.

The Wedge. 
At Newport I got to meet Erica Davis. She is paralyzed from the waist down. Her story is incredible. Read about it here. I also recruited her to help with water patrol in Kona. She makes me want to work out. Her goal is to race in Kona. My goal is to not be lazy.
Me and Erica.

Then we drove back to Northern California. We stopped at Carpinteria State Park where if there are any spots available, we love to stay here. It is a cool town with a swimming pool and killer sunsets.

Carpinteria sunset.

Now we are back in Windsor, California for the Vineman triathlon. It is nice to be here. The weather is perfect. Tomorrow, the big plans are to fish and swim all day. Then we have a wine, beer, cheese, shindig put on by Vineman. Sounds like a good day before retiring to the van. If I am lucky the janitor will open the gym so that I can shower before going to bed. Be happy that you probably have a shower at your house. Life is good.


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