>Going back to Cali.


I love road trips. I guess that is my life. Leaving Colorado was sad, but exciting. I can really see myself living there in the future. We drove North to Wyoming, turned left on I-80 and haven’t looked back. Wyoming was pretty and boring. Utah was the same. The mountains were very nice before we arrived in Salt Lake City. I would like to visit there in the winter. It has been pretty uneventful since then. We arrived in Reno and checked in to the Atlantis Casino. I am not a fan of casinos, but Reno sucks and we didn’t want to walk around the town. This place was within our budget and added some excitement to our road trip. Lots of people smoking cigarettes, drinking, and the constant clang clang clang of slot machines. It’s like I can see the life draining out of these people. Suck in the nicotine, wash it down with a beer, and throw more money away. Time to move one. I will admit, we put $20 on black at the Roulette table. We lost. Now we drive to California.
[update] After 3 days of driving, we made it to California. Vineman was hot. Looked like a fun race. A tree fell on a couple of triathletes while they were on the bike. Bad luck. Joe Gambles broke the course record which was exciting. The guys running Vineman are cool people. I got to hang out with Conrad Stotlz for a bit at the Avia booth. Turns out Avia doesn’t hate us. After the race, we drove towards the coast. We had dinner in Guerneville. We were a couple of the few straight people there. Looking for a place to stay, a lot fo the places were “gay friendly, nudity allowed”. Not that I am opposed to either one, but after a long day of work all I want to do is relax. We drove to the coast and we are loving it!


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