>Hy-Vee was great.

>Hy Vee Triathlon was a blast. The people were fantastic. The races were exciting. The expo was huge. The whole event was over the top. We got a tour of the transition area and grandstands the night before the race.

 Here I am checking out the swim start.
Here is the transition area.
I found a way to get into the photographers spot. Check out the giant TV that was set up so that people in the bleachers could watch the whole race. There were 3 giant TVs set up all around the expo area. The bleachers could hold 10,000 people.
This is the view from our booth. 

That is another big screen and a shaded area with chairs for people to watch the race. There were a bunch of luxury cars sporadically parked along the course as well. It was a great reason to go to Des Moines. Actually, I have no idea why anyone would go there if it weren’t for this race. Oh yeah and we found the best grocery store, Hy-Vee!
Now we are back in Colorado. Another 10 hour day of driving through Nebraska. There was no reason to stop at any of the towns there either. I went for a slow 40 mile ride this morning and it was fantastic. The goal for the next two weeks is to stay busy. With so many fun outdoor things to do here, I really want to make the most of our time available. Farmers markets, swim, bike, run, coffee shops, hiking, climbing, you name it, I want to do it! Off to the pool now.


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