>In Des Moines.

>Leaving Kansas our spirits raised as we made it to Iowa. The temperatures also rose as we crossed Missouri border. It has been about 100 degrees and some ridiculously high humidity. These temperatures are great for thunderstorms and tornadoes. Probably where this TIV was heading.

Yesterday, we sat in our hotel room in front of the air conditioning. Today we thought that it would be fun to get out so we looked for something to do. However, I was told that there is nothing to do in the midwest, especially during the heat of summer, except to go to the mall. So we did just that. We found a mall and hung out for a few hours. We got to see the new movie Up. It was ok. I expected a little bit more. But we watched it in the normal version, not 3D.

When we walked out of the theater, the clouds had gathered and it was very windy. A thunderstorm rapidly developed and we hustled in Best Buy. It was a pretty good place to be stuck as the winds whipped up and the hail and rain poured down. We played video games and watched movies inside. When the storm subsided we braved the rain and went to have dinner at the Flying Mango. Most of the restaurants in the midwest have been large chains, so it was nice to find something local. IT was good BBQ food.

Dinner at the mango.
Now we need to figure out what to do for the next few days in the heat and humidity. I can’t wait to get back to Colorado. The rest of the tour looks promising as far as locations and weather.

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