>Too much Topeka.

>We are camping in Topeka, Kansas. The forecast is for damaging wind and hail. Severe afternoon thunderstorms. Oh well. I have heard that there are some things in life that I can’t control. There are fat white people wearing cowboy hats on my left and a black grandmother that is about 35 years old with her 5 grandkids on my right. I love camping. Both groups seemed wary of me when I went running in just my spandex tri shorts. Running last night made me realize how much I love competing in triathlons. I got to talk to a couple of guys that are trying to put together a club here in Topeka. It seems like an uphill battle. I have been here for two days and I don’t want to exercise. There are a lot of fattening places to eat and no bike paths.

Times are tough. Sometimes I gotta take ice when I see it.

Despite what seems like a lot of negativity, nah never mind, I can’t wait to leave Kansas. Hopefully we are going to Iowa for the Hy-Vee Triathlon. Not that I know anything good about Iowa. I guess these places are popular if you are into college sports.

What do you do with a lot of flat land in Kansas?

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