>Texas Man pics.


Here are some pics from last week’s race, the Texas Man Tri.

We made it to Austin. Tricia was here for a few days before leaving town. We got together with her and Ben over the last couple of nights. They are fun people and awesome athletes. It has been great weather here which is really nice.

Ben and I before a run at Barton Springs.
I have been training a little more now that I have races coming up. Tonight, I go to pick up Michael. He also works for my boss, Craig. He will be manning the soy milk booth next to our USAT booth. He will also be staying in our room with us. Barton Springs is closed on Thursdays. That is something that we found out the hard way. It looks like a fun place to hang out in the sun. It is a spring that is contained by man made barriers. The water is constantly 68 degrees. I get to wear my wetsuit for the 2nd time.

1 thought on “>Texas Man pics.

  1. >will be on the ground in less than 48 hours… shiiiit. There’s A LOT!!!!!! that’s gonna happen in those 48 hours. Damn. zzzzzzzzzzzz

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