>Texas Man Race Report.


At a KOA on our way to Valley View, TX.

Leaving Odessa we made it to a state park in Valley View, Texas. We were out in the middle of nowhere, but it was pretty. There was a big lake and not many people. We made friends with the rangers and hung out for a few days. Living in a van has another advantage, people think that you are parked, they don’t know that you are living in their state park and not paying for a campsite.

Another beautiful day at the park.

Attending packet pickup, I was given the opportunity to race the next day. I took it. It was a sprint distance of a 500 meter swim, 18 mile bike, and a 3.1 mile run. I led the swim to the first buoy and was third onto the beach. On the bike, things went pretty smoothly, but I don’t like my saddle. It was fun having a set of race wheels and a bad ass race helmet. The run went really well and I ended up 14th overall and 2nd in my age group. Now we are in Ft. Worth headed to Austin where I also hope to race in the CapTexTri.

Just trying to fit in.

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