>We have made it deep into Texas. It is hot, but not nearly as hot as Arizona. After being in Texas for an hour, we encountered Border Patrol. It is a good thing that our van says “USAT” in big letters on the front. I think that the guard thought that it meant, “USA Texas”. He asked us what we do and I said that we did triathlons. He looked quizzicallyat the roof and said “With bikes?” That threw me for a loop, but then he just made sure that we were both U.S. citizens and let us go on. Having a dark girl beside me definately slowed me down and I am glad that we didn’t have to open the trailer and look through it for illegal immigrants. While filling up with gas somewhere between jackrabbit heaven and tumbleweed alley, someone asked me if I was a race car driver. I said, “No” pointed at the bikes and replied, “triathlete”. He too was confused and said, “Oh, like running.” The bicycles must have given it away. He asked if I had any pictures, socks, or shoes that I could sign and donate for the town’s museum. He was in charge of the museum and said if I ever wanted to see it, we could. Now we are in Odessa heading for Denton tomorrow. time for the LOST finalé. Pics next time…


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