From time to time there are tiny tornadoes in Tempe. They tend to be practically gentle, except today. At ten meters tall it took out our tents and threw them into the transition. Tearing, tossing, and destroying three tents in thirty seconds. It was terrifying.
These are the before and after pictures from the dust devil. Ignore the lady in the picture that showed up 5 seconds later and started shopping. Apparently, she didn’t care about what had just happened. She just wanted a bargain.
Mojdeh participated in this weekend’s race and had a good time. She will be posting a race report on usatri.blogspot.com. I got to ride my bike for a few miles this morning. I need to put a computer on it soon. It is still too hot to do anything so the plan is to watch House all day today. My friend Kevin is visiting for the weekend, so it was cool to hang our with him last night.

1 thought on “>Tempe.

  1. >Moj, you are turning into Superwoman. I’m afraid of you now. I can’t make berka jokes anymore. I can’t bullshit you. I can’t do anything fun to you. boo hoo

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