>We hung out in Buellton a little longer than we had initially planned. The car turned out to be a dirty sensor. It took them a few hours to clean and we took off. We drove for about 13 hours and made it to Goodyear, Arizona. Our boss has a friend who is renting his house. We are staying there while the tenant is out of town. Tempe, Arizona is the suburbs of the suburbs. The suburbs spread on forever here. I just got fit on my new Blue Triad.

Getting fit.
Now we sit inside and wait for the heat to subside. It is over 100 degrees outside. It has been over 100 degrees since we got here and won’t subside until we leave. It makes going outside pretty miserable. This weekend will be intereseting since we will be outside the whole time. The only shade we have is under our black tents.

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