>Almost there.

>Thinking that we would be in Yosemite for a week, I started growing a beard that might help me fit in. Something scraggly, but not dirty. I did a dirty beard in the past.

Me with Rutger Beke with my dirty beard.

Now I am not in Yosemite, but I still have the beginning of my beard. Luckily, I still fit in here in Sonora. We were amazed (again) by the restaurant where we ate for lunch. This town has been a fantastic gastronomical gem. The people are small town people. Our waitress thought that Sonora (population 5,000) was a city. The town she grew up in has 200 people.

This is what we saw while getting lunch today.

Going for a run today, I saw lots of cigarettes, chew cans, and even spent shotgun shells. The trucks got bigger the further out of town I went, but I saw one other runner and I applauded the people that were protesting the was. That takes some guts in any small town in America. Today, the car repair place ordered us a new fuel pump. It is supposed to arrive this afternoon and they will fix it tomorrow. Then we can get camping! I am mostly excited for that because of all of the food that we bought at Costco. We have filet mignon, chips, salsa, salads, all kinds of stuff sitting in our cooler in the back of our van! At least the weather is getting better. It was over 90 for the last couple of days and has dropped down to a normal 70 degrees lately.


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