We left Sunset Beach yesterday. We drove 9 hours up to San Jose. We stayed with Mojdeh’s aunt again. It was a quick overnight stop. This morning, we ran to Costco, the post office, Trader Joe’s, the gas station, and Safeway, then we were on our way. We packed most of the bikes into the trailer and hit the road. We were excited to get away and start a small vacation. A couple of hours drive into our trip the car died. We pulled over and called AAA. They picked us up and took us to the nearby Chevy dealer. The manager there is a cyclist that moved to Sonora (where we are) California. He was very friendly. He had their mechanic take a look at it, but they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. So now they are going to look at it in more detail tomorrow. Turns out Sonora is a cool little town. Some of the people wear overalls and have long beards and some own wineries. We had a great dinner at the Diamondback Grill. I hope that we get to go to Yosemite tomorrow, but if we don’t we have a new favorite place to eat. All organic greens, free range beef, and pesto and gorgonzola burgers. The table next to us found a grasshopper on their salad. That is organic!


2 thoughts on “>Stranded.

  1. >bummer!!! Well at least Sonora is a cool enough place, you could be stranded in way worse areas! Good luck guys!!!Harry @ technically cool eyewear

  2. >Yikes! That actually happened with our Chevy van on the roadtrip back from Alaska this summer…Sounds like the town was a good (delicious) find though. Hope you guys make it to Yosemite!

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