>Back to Bird Rock.

>Yesterday, I rode couple of hours with a lot of wind. Whenever the wind died down, there were hills. It was beautiful though. I felt like I was starting to get serious about my training. I passed through little tiny farm towns taht are capitalizing on wine. I passed a place with a sign out front “as seen in the movie Sideways”. There were lots of luxury cars in Disneyland like Solvang, but I felt better being on my luxury bike. The bike was brutul with the wind, but I needed to make up for some training so I threw in a 70 minute run after my bike. I felt surprisingly strong all day.
I love hotels because they have baths and ice machines. After a long hard workout I have started taking ice baths when it is convenient. I am not like Bree buying 50 pound bags of ice. I just put a couple of pounds from the ice machine and cold water.
Today the to do list looks like this:
Drop off van to get transmission replaced.
Drop off rental van.
Pick up new rental car.
Drive to LA to finalize everything with the boss.
Drive to Temecula to pick up Modeh’s mom. (And have dinner.)
Sell extra Disneyland tickets in San Diego.
Stay at a friends house in La Jolla.
The drive alone to San Diego should take about 6 hours. Without all of these stops. Here are some pictures from my ride yesterday:


1 thought on “>Back to Bird Rock.

  1. >Wow! I must admit that what you got here is truly some pic of the place. I don’t personally know bird rock but from the looks of your photos here, well… I can say it’s an amazing place. – Tnomeralc design –

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