>Rabbits and resurrections.

>A half an hour before I was about to get on a train to San Diego and have a little vacation, I got a phone call from Craig Mintzlaff, my previous employer. We began working things out. This is starting to feel like a high school relationship where you break up every time you are mad at the other person. I am hoping for full disclosure and no more empty promises. We went to the next event in San Luis Obispo. At 5 in the morning, it was so cold that I didn’t want to move. I am not used to being outside when the air is 30 degrees. By the time the race started, the sun hadn’t hit our booth, but the water in the lake was steaming. The lake water temperature was in the 50’s. It turned out to be a gorgeous day.We are back in Buellton, CA. You have probably never heard of this town. Our van needs a new transmission. So it will sit here until Thursday or Friday when it can get fixed. For the event, I had to rent a big cargo van with no windows. It is all blind spots. I can’t see anything when I am driving and I feel like a kidnapper. Craig had given me a credit card, but has canceled it. Because it is Sunday, all of the mechanics are closed. I think that it might be Easter. I am going for a bike ride. If I feel up to it, I might run as well. I guess I will go look for eggs.

I got Mojdeh to ride a triathlon bike. Now we have to get a saddle that is more comfortable. Luckily I have a box of them from one of the partners in the trailer. The Oceanside 70.3 event looked like a great race. My two heroes Rachel Ross and Rutger Beke had good races. I was told that we would be at that event, but it turns out it was another thing that “fell through”.


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