>Split peas and the recession.


We saw some cool places.

I thought that I had a dream job. The idea was great. Travel around the west coast of the US doing triathlons, selling gear, and meeting new people. It could have been wonderful. After a month of lame excuses, no pay, and it not looking like things that we were promised would never materialize, we quit! They never paid us. Their credit card rarely worked. The van broke down once a week. They didn’t have enough money for a hotel for us… I gave him a contract and he refused to sign it, so we walked away.

I got to ride some cool bikes.
I was told that I was a “roll with the punches” kind of guy. I agree. Mojdeh and I are still happy. We had a good time. We learned a lot. There is still a tiny sliver of hope that this will all turn around. The people at USA Triathlon were wonderful.
We met some great people.
Their partners are amazing.

So now we are stuck in Buellton, California. As you come into the town, the sign says, “Buellton. Welcome travelers. Home of the split pea soup.” I couldn’t make this stuff up. I wonder if one of the 400 people that live in this village can take me to rent a car…


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