>I guess there are some advantages to sleeping in a van. When the people camping beside you are snoring so loud that you can hear them 30 feet away, it is nice to crawl into the van with and close the windows. We had to take out the seat so that I can lay down completely horizontal. It is nice at night, but all of our stuff is piled at our feet. It looks like someone threw up the contents of our closets all over the inside of the van. Sometimes it feels as if we are in a mansion. Right now I am in the office (because I am on my laptop). If we are eating we say that we are in the dining room. If we are putting peanut butter on a bagel or making a bowl of cereal, we claim to be in the kitchen. We don’t have anywhere to cook, so making food is easy. Training is getting better. I decided to become more serious and my training schedule say that this is a recovery week. I only skipped the first 5 weeks or so. Today I rode 25 miles and swam 1k. The swimming is more fun with music. It takes me about 300 yards (my warm up) to get my headphones in my ears properly, but then it is all good. I am negotiating my work contract. My life is still great. Going to Starbucks I am surprised to hear people complaining about not having money. Why can’t people live within their means?

For the Obama fans out there here is another HIC tribute.

Yesterday’s run was pretty fun. I wish that I could take pictures of everything that I saw. I ran down to Rincon point and saw peeling rights that seemed to go on forever. Giant houses overlooking the ocean from their nice gated community. Tar that seeps up from the ground. The giant, fat, bald guy sunbathing nude (ok maybe I don’t want pictures of that). I also got to swim at the pool here for what I think is the last time. I can’t stop using my H2O Audio waterproof iPod holder. It makes my swimming much more fun.

The views are nice here in Carpinteria.

Our last event was pretty small. I was excited to see collegiate teams racing together. I spent so much time and work trying to get a team together in Hawai’i it was nice to see that it was possible. These teams had uniforms, sponsors, group workouts, everything that I was trying to do in Hawai’i.

I like taking pictures in my free time.

Tomorrow, we are driving to San Luis Obispo. I guess I had better figure out where we are camping there.


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