>It isn’t perfect.

>Lake Havasu is where the snowbirds meet the spring breakers. There are a lot of old people, 18 yr olds, and 45 yr olds that think they are 18. I guess the recession hasn’t hit here. Boats and RVs that cost the same as houses are common. We don’t have a boat so we haven’t seen all of the craziness, but we are staying near a motocross track where there are lots of guys wearing hats with really straight bills. Some white kid called me “dog” today. This whole area is like a suburb. It seems to be too hot all day and now it is too windy to be outside. I had a great run yesterday afternoon. I am trying to actually do my half IM training, so running for 70 minutes was the goal. The miles got consecutively faster, 9:11, 8:35, 8:31, 8:11, 8:11, 7:45, 7:25… The 40 mph winds are preventing me from riding my bike. I
We have a new car now.

Here is what we were promised.
Here is what we got.

There are still no stickers on it, but I have started adding my own. I guess in a month or so, we will have all the companies stickers on it. I am going to get the lights to the trailer hooked up tomorrow. Right now the brake lights work and if I put on the right blinker, the hazards flash. Other than that, none of the lights work. The “bed” inside is about 5 feet long. We tried to sleep in it once, but neither one of us could lay in it without looking like an accordion. So next we need to get rid of the bed and find a mattress that we can put inside.


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