>Quartzsite, AZ.

>Leaving Tucson (happily) took a while. We had to go and pick up pumps, and return a printer, buy rock climbing shoes, get a new sleeping pad, attach the trailer, get gas, and get on the road. The trailer sways from side to side whenever a big truck passes me. I have to slow down and pull onto the shoulder slightly. Then I realized that this wouldn’t happen if trucks weren’t passing me. (I had barely hit 60 mph on the interstate until now.) So I decided to pick it up a bit. Now I can drive 75 (the speed limit) happily. It only took me a full day to get comfortable pulling this massive thing. I am nervous because of all of the cool gear we have in the back. We actually keep the bike that I want to ride in the car. I got some Speedplay pedals, but haven’t had a chance to ride. The coolest part of yesterday’s drive, was as the sun was setting in front of us, the moon was rising over the mountains behind us.

Sorry for the picture quality, I was using my phone while the trailer sways 5 feet each direction and I hope that there is no traffic in the other lane!
Now we are in the town of Quartzsite. There are no houses here. Everyone lives in their RV. Sometimes I wish that I had one, but then I think of how lucky we are to be able to unhook the car and drive around town like normal people. The lady who checked us in was very nice. Her name is Zelda. These are the kind of people that don’t think twice before lighting their cigarette while pumping gas. I don’t think that there is a school within 100 miles. Today, we are going to Los Angeles, but for now I need to take advantage of the free continental breakfast here at the Super 8.

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