>Hook ’em.


What is a trip to Austin without swinging by Mellow Johnny’s?
The last day in Hawai’i, we hit the beach. I surfed in the morning using a new prodect called Surf Gel. I applied to to my thighs and did not get rash where I normally do. That was nice for our flight from Kona to Maui to Portland to Denver. Sleeping in airports is never fun, but meeting up with friends is. We had a good time in Denver and I flew to Austin the following day. Jim, Tricia, and I all lived in Hawai’i at the same time.
Tricia showed us some cool toys in locked rooms.
Jim and my new house.
Jim, Chris, 3 Chihuahuas and a crazy cat.
I am now in Austin hoping to drive the RV to Tucson to meet with Mojdeh and our boss to start our tour. My friend Jim and his roommate Chris have been more than accommodating for me and I can’t thank them enough.
This is the Whole Foods headquarters. I was very happy in there.
Chris took Jim and I to Mojo Kickball yesterday. They describe it as: Imagine if Kickball was out drunk one night and started making out with Tag. Then Dodgeball comes into the Club and is like, “Hello, what’s this?” and then joins in. But just at that moment, the Club announces that it’s last call and that everyone has to leave. But no one is sober enough to drive, so they ask their old pal Touch-football to drive them home, who graciously obliges.
3 weeks later, Kickball realizes it’s pregnant, but doesn’t know who the father is. But it’s cool, because everyone pitches in. 9 Months later, Little Mojo Kickball™ is born into a caring loving family consisting of 1 mother and 3 fathers.
And that’s Mojo Kickball™. Right now Little Mojo Kickball™ is in his grade-school years.
Then as if the weekend couldn’t be more action packed, we went to a kite festival. It was big. They closed the roads and everyone was out at the park flying kites together. The weather has been beautiful, we have been outside a lot and I wish that Austin wasn’t in Texas.

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