>Almost over.

>I leave for Hawai’i in two days. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that I have been in New Zealand for 3 1/2 months. I can’t believe that I have done so much here.

Another amazing day.

I can’t believe that I got a job. Everyting in the news is about how bad the economy is. Everyone is being laid off. People can’t keep their homes. Obama is having trouble getting his economic stimulus package passed. I am having a great time. I have had an endless summer since… February 2008 when I was in South America. Looks like that will continue until November 2009.

 I no longer have to beg for rides with strangers.

I have learned lots of Kiwi slang. I have tested my outdoor gear in all kinds of conditions. I can survive with the gear on my back for about a week. I want very little and need even less. That being said, I love coffee shops that offer free wireless internet. I enjoy Starbucks, but not as much as Rachel. I found a new passion, fly fishing. I have amazing friends all over the world. I enjoy reading other people’s blogs. The more I think that I know, the more I realize that I know nothing.

 I had a lot of fun learning about NZ wines.

My life is great when I eat a lot. Traveling has made me appreciate good food. If you can’t laugh at yourself, life will be miserable.

Good food and good friends.

I have been traveling for over a year, but I don’t feel like it is coming to an end. I have learned that I love the beach and the ocean. It is difficult to swim with seals, but easy to outrun them on land. Going home to Kona will be my first vacation in a while. I watched “Into the Wild” and “Slumdog Millionaire” recently. I liked them both. SM imressed me more, but one thing that I remember from ITW:


1 thought on “>Almost over.

  1. >So true. I’m jealous you get to come back to a job that will still allow you to spend a lot of time outside…not being outside as much has been the hardest thing about being back at work after the ride to Alaska. Looking forward to seeing you in Austin soon!

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