>Last time I said that we need a guide for the fish to bite. It looks like Fishy Steve taught us a thing or two! This afternoon, we headed out to our favorite river (I am not allowed to disclose its location) for a fish without Steve. In the first ten minutes, Mojdeh hooked and landed the first fish that either of us have ever caught on our own.

Next, it was my turn. A big rainbow smashed my dry fly and I had never seen that before. It was very impressive. I fought him for a while and made every amateur mistake today. I still nearly had him and at the last minute, the line broke and he slowly swam away.

The one that got away.

Don’t worry, there is a big fishing adventure planned for tomorrow as well!


1 thought on “>Oops.

  1. >Oh my gosh that looks like so much fun! I LOVE that new foto in the title too, I HAVE to jump out of a plane in this lifetime!!Hey, are you guys in Kona, I think I saw you today??

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